DD7HW4 Identify Key Ethical Issues

As a Mechanical Engineer, I will see many types of visuals in the field. For example:

Checklist: When developing a new creation at a company, a instruction manual with a list of required materials will be needed. Also, when operating huge machinery, there will be a safety checklist required to be read before each use.

Ethical Issue: Using the checklist at the end of Chapter 2, I can see how a checklist can run into problems with ethics. In the professional world, you have to abide by the appropriate corporate/ professional code. For example, in a safety checklist, you have to make sure the checklist includes everything or else people's lives will be in danger.

Tables: Tables are very useful in my field. With Mechanical Engineering, I might be task with finding the cheapest material that will accomplish the task. In order to find those materials, there are hundreds of books with tables of each material and it's properties.

Ethical Issue: On the checklist at the end of Chapter 2, one of boxes to be checked off is "did you tell the truth." Within the tables talked about in the paragraph before, the material's properties have to be 100% factual. If the property is even slightly lying, people's lives will be in danger.

Photograph: This previous semester I took a class called "Fluid Mechanics" and there were these photographs of "vortex shedding" when can't really be described in words.

Ethical Issue: On the checklist at the end of Chapter 2, one of the boxes to be checked off is "Did you abide by your organization's policy on social media?" I know for a fact if you post anything malicious on any social media while working at an important engineering firm, you will be fired. Because you are working there, you are part of the representation of the firm's reputation and they can't have their own workers post anything reckless.

Line Graph: Also last semester, I took a class called "Component Design" and in that class we looked at how many numbers of cycles can an object take a load before failure. When talking about the Endurance life of the object, it can only be described using a line graph.

Ethical Issue: Back to what I was talking about in the previous paragraph, endurance life is essential when deciding whether something will have an infinite amount of cycles of application. If it is exaggerated in any sense, people's lives can be in danger.


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