DD7HW3 Identify Key Visualization Techniques

As a Mechanical Engineer, I will see many types of visuals in the field. For example:

Checklist: When developing a new creation at a company, a instruction manual with a list of required materials will be needed. Also, when operating huge machinery, there will be a safety checklist required to be read before each use.

Tables: Tables are very useful in my field. With Mechanical Engineering, I might be task with finding the cheapest material that will accomplish the task. In order to find those materials, there are hundreds of books with tables of each material and it's properties.

Photograph: This previous semester I took a class called "Fluid Mechanics" and there were these photographs of "vortex shedding" when can't really be described in words.

Line Graph: Also last semester, I took a class called "Component Design" and in that class we looked at how many numbers of cycles can an object take a load before failure. When talking about the Endurance life of the object, it can only be described using a line graph.


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