Final Project ENGL 308

I created my final project in PowerPoint and I couldn't find how to attach it onto a blog post so I sent it to you email. A trouble I did have on this project was trying to condense a ton of information into 10 slides and not have the slides be overwhelming just from shear word number. I did want to say thank you for being a respectable and knowledgeable teacher. We aren't given writing classes as a Mechanical Engineering student and this really did boosted my confidence with writing technical documents. Hope you have a great rest of the summer.


Individual Collaboration Report
Team/Project Proposal Universal Assistance

To:                  UA CEO From:              Jeff Sniegowski                         William Chan                         Michelle Moran T.                         Chris Zhang Subject:          To promote teamwork and collaboration Date:               June 25, 2017

The purpose of this memo is to express how our teams intends to improve the teamwork and communication within the manufacturing section of an engineering company.
Summary: When manufacturing teams begin to experience tension with other members of the team, it can result in time delays and increased costs. Teamwork and cooperation are key to a smoothly operating facility; our team will research the best ways to improve teamwork among engineers. In our team, Jeff Sniegowski and Chris Zhang are Management Engineer, William Chan is a Mechanical Engineer and Michelle Moran T is a …


Analyze Ethical Considerations

Copyright Law: For our document, we needed 14 scholarly sources and it is plagiarism if we don't cite our sources and that would mean expulsion from universities and you are taking someone's work and declaring it as your own.
Liability Law: For our document, we have to make sure that our procedures to solve problems with working in team in a manner that doesn't put anyone in danger. 

Obligations to your employer:
Loyalty: You should act in the employer's interest, not in your own. For this document in particular, you have remain loyal by giving the most efficient way you know to solve these problems with teamwork. It is unethical to invest in competitor's stock and create a document such as ours and crippling the company you work for, knowing that poor teamwork/communication will reduce productivity and might result in investors investing in competitor's stocks. 
Competence and diligence: Relative to the previous paragraph, worker…


Reflection on peer review:

While peer reviewing Matt's document, I learned many things that I could try and incorporate into our own team's document. While reviewing the "main section" of their document, I learned that dividing that sections into subsections and giving them their own title will give the audience/reader the ability to skip to the part they need. Also, they had amazing transitional sentences that made the paragraphs flow from one another more smoothly. Our draft was very rough and needs a lot of improvement and after reading their's, it gave me a better idea on how to improve the quality of our own document. My peers gave us excellent advice about our paper. With how long we spent on the rough draft, we got tired and aren't able to see the errors in our own document. Peer review is essential to improving rough draft, not only due to the fact that we are lenient/blind to our own errors and need a new set of eyes to tell us the errors in the docu…



Sentence before: Many skills are required in an engineering workplace, including the ability to work in a team and communicate with colleagues and supervisors.

S V/C Pattern
Original Sentence: Often these skills are missing or insufficiently developed in recent college graduates (Susan M. Katz).

Altered Sentence: Often these teamwork skills are blatantly missing or insufficiently developed in recent inexperienced college graduates

Sentence after: The addition of engineering courses that focus more on teamwork based projects rather than individual assignments will give students a stronger foundation on which they can build throughout their lives (Susan M. Katz).


Sentence Before: Some Universities have even begun offering a minor in Engineering Communication.

S V/C Pattern
Original Sentence: This minor provides engineering undergraduates credentials and formal training in complementary performance skill…




R. Lingard and S. Barkataki, “Teaching teamwork in engineering and computer science,” 2011 Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE), 2011.

Finding and Evaluating Sources(MLA)

-Robert Lingard and Shan Barkataki wrote this article. The author's name is prominently displayed
-This journal article came from IEEEXplore, which means that it has been evaluated by peers

Publisher or Sponsorship
-IEEEXplore is the publisher and it's known for its journals and reviewed and edited by scholars.
-It is from a database paid by for the University of Arizona's Library, which means its a credible source

-The information is from 2011, which means the information is relatively current

-The Author's viewpoint is that we need to improve teamwork in the professional field of engineering and in school.
-There isn't really an opposing view but the language of the author favor's for teamwork being beneficial in the engineering field.

S. M. Katz, “The Entry-Level Eng…