Reflection on peer review:

While peer reviewing Matt's document, I learned many things that I could try and incorporate into our own team's document. While reviewing the "main section" of their document, I learned that dividing that sections into subsections and giving them their own title will give the audience/reader the ability to skip to the part they need. Also, they had amazing transitional sentences that made the paragraphs flow from one another more smoothly. Our draft was very rough and needs a lot of improvement and after reading their's, it gave me a better idea on how to improve the quality of our own document. My peers gave us excellent advice about our paper. With how long we spent on the rough draft, we got tired and aren't able to see the errors in our own document. Peer review is essential to improving rough draft, not only due to the fact that we are lenient/blind to our own errors and need a new set of eyes to tell us the errors in the document.