Analyze Ethical Considerations

Copyright Law:
For our document, we needed 14 scholarly sources and it is plagiarism if we don't cite our sources and that would mean expulsion from universities and you are taking someone's work and declaring it as your own.

Liability Law:
For our document, we have to make sure that our procedures to solve problems with working in team in a manner that doesn't put anyone in danger. 

Obligations to your employer:

Loyalty: You should act in the employer's interest, not in your own. For this document in particular, you have remain loyal by giving the most efficient way you know to solve these problems with teamwork. It is unethical to invest in competitor's stock and create a document such as ours and crippling the company you work for, knowing that poor teamwork/communication will reduce productivity and might result in investors investing in competitor's stocks. 

Competence and diligence:
Relative to the previous paragraph, worker's should work hard and have the training and experience to do the job adequately. With that in mind and our document, you should write the most efficient way to improve teamwork and communication. Wasting time socializing with co-workers and surfing the web will cripple your ability to do your job adequately.