DD6HW2 Brainstorm


What graphics are important to your field?
Most engineering firms have logos/brands and they want their brand to be widely known. Graphics in terms of Charts can be very helpful. Charts such as a Bar Chart can be very helpful. When presenting to a group of people information, they'd rather see a bar chart representing the data you chose instead of seeing boring numbers.

How graphics are important to your field?
Just like a Bar Chart, you can represent data in a more visual way instead of looking at numbers. When it comes to manuals/instructions, people would rather see a visual with the parts being place together, as it is easier and has less confusion than a verbal description.

Why graphics are important to your field?
Graphics can save space and communicate steps in a process more effectively than words alone(like described earlier) Presenting information in a paragraph is uneconomical and makes the information hard to remember. Presented as a table however, the information is more concise and more memorable.