DD6HW1 Chapter Info about Your Field

a. The three largest or most important professional organizations in Mechanical Engineering are

  1. American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  2. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  3. American Society of Civil Engineers

b. Three important journals read by the people in Mechanical Engineering are
  1. Progress in Energy and Combustion Science
  2. Advances in Applied Mechanics
  3. International Journal Of Plasticity


c. Three important online discussion list or bulletin board in my field are

  1. http://www.engineeringclicks.com/forum/
  2. http://ww38.mechengforum.com/index.php
  3. https://mechanical-engg.com/forum/
d. Unconventional Resources Technology Conference is in Austin, Texas from July 24, 2017 to July 26, 2017


While looking up every part to this exercise, I didn't realize this information was available to us. I especially found the journals to be extremely interesting. While reading over these journals, I realize that there is so much more to be found/researched. Even with a Master's in Mechanical Engineering, I will still have so much to learn. If you have any questions that are relative to the field, you can go onto discussion boards and I can assure you that someone has asked that question and there will be a debate posted on it. With all of these conferences coming up, you will be able to meet up with tons of other people who are there for the same knowledge you are there for.

With the research process itself, I usually used websites that ended with ".org" or ".edu" because anyone can create their own website with ".com" With databases, you know you will get reliable information, backed by many certified peers. Not everyone can post inside a database. All of the articles inside a database will have references to where they got their information.