DD4HW4 P#1 Usability

Kendra Hernandez did a run with my instructions on 6/12/17 in class. After seeing her read aloud and follow my instructions, I saw flaws in my instructions that needed fixing. I couldn't find "TC's Basic Usability Survey, p.466" but I did find pages in the book about "Conducting Usability Evaluations, p.345-348" Within these pages, it talks about 3 categories of people in addition to the writer. Users, Subject-matter experts, and usability experts. Like I said in my reflection of peer reviews, the instructions have to be readable to everyone. Users can be current or in the future. Subject-matter experts include people who are experts in a certain subject. Usability experts evaluate a draft himself or herself.

Usability evaluations usually take one of five major forms. The ones that I used were surveying users and observing users. While observing Kendra following my instructions, I would see her pause and seemed puzzle and I would ask what needs changing.