DD2HW3 Project 1 Topic

Project #1
As a Mechanical Engineering student, I will need to do a Senior Design with a group of other students. With those students, we will need to present to a company the research we have done. I don't have any experience with Google Slides, and would like to learn in the case I'll need to know the in's and out's of the program. I do know in Google Slides, everyone who is invited to edit, is allowed to edit the program all at the same time, which is really helpful.

-One pamphlet can explain how to create a google account and access google slides.-
-Another pamphlet can explain how to invite people to edit and put restrictions on certain people whether you are allowing one to view and edit, or just view
-Last pamphlet can explain how to edit slides, such as changing the design of just one slide, or all of them, changing the template, and inserting images into slides.