DD1HW6 Chapter 1

Exercise 1

In terms of clarity on the University of Arizona's website, you can see instantly the words "University of Arizona" and the brand right next to it. With the links to apply, visit, virtual tour, and give, it is blatant, to me at least, that this is the university's website. As you scroll down, you can see some of the rankings the University has acquired. With that information, it is clear that the website's goal is to entice you to attend this college. When you scroll down even further, you can find recent news about some of the campus community's activities, which should further entice you to attend this college as you can maybe find a community on campus that you can join. To my understanding, sometimes a student can feel dissuaded to attend a college because they don't know anything about the college. With the rankings and news about the activities on campus, it can help comfort you and put aside those feelings towards the University of Arizona.

In terms of accessibility on the University of Arizona's website, all the links do work and bring you to the proper website in which you will be able to accomplish the task wanted. All the help you need can essentially be found using the website.

In terms of professional appearance on the University of Arizona's website, the website looks appealing, neat, professional, and keeps you engaged. All of the words on the website are correctly spelled and doesn't feel clustered.