DD10HW2 Reflection on P#2


I was actually glad we did a project like this and was able to look up information about our own individual fields. Also, initially, I didn't realize the importance of visuals/visualization in Engineering. As I was going through my second year in engineering, I was taking courses such as Vector Calculus and Electricity and Magnetism, and every one of my friends, including I, had trouble visualizing the 3-D component of the problems.

The purpose of my column was to notify the audience that we need implement classes all around the nation that boost spatial visualization skills. My hope was that the audience was supervisors of university's would read this and realize the importance of early visualizing skills as an engineer and include classes in their own curriculum. Hopefully, my column would be posted on a well known news outlet and be read from your own laptop, all the way down to our mobile phones.

In terms of ethics, the spatial visualization test, as Mary F Blade suggests, doesn't necessarily indicate whether a student has good spatial visualization, because it could be lack of spatial experience. This only reinforces the idea that we need an early visualization class so we can all gain some experience. Test givers who take poor results on this test as a sign of unintelligent is unjustifiable.

If I had time to further expand, I would go into the field of engineering after college. Visuals such as flow visualizations where a visual can explain how a fluid goes around something is much more convenient then trying to describe it in words.

The technologies I used to complete this project were databases of journal articles. After linking the UA library to Google Scholar, we were given access to journal articles that have been peer reviewed and certified. This is appropriate because we don't was false information from the regular website where anyone can post their thoughts, whether it is backed by research or not.

I learned that I need more practice with writing in general. Making paragraphs/sentences flow from one to another is something I also need to practice. I learned that it is much easier to do a project that I like, such as my field, compared to something assigned.