DD3HW1 P#1 Audience Analysis

Reader’s Name: Christopher Sloman
Reader’s Job Title: Vice President of Google
Kind of Reader: Primary

Professional Experience:  
Job Responsibilities: Manages the Google Team, Gives Final Okay on Final Drafts
Personal Characteristics:  
Personal Preferences: Advised that pictures be inserted in almost every step to further explain each step
Cultural Characteristics:
Attitude Toward the Writer: It better be perfect, because that is what is paid to do.
Attitude Toward the Subject: I need a manual to help people troubleshoot the program.
Expectations about the Subject: It needs to be accessible to the public. Easy words and simple steps is recommended.
Expectations about the Document: Professional, easy to read, not intimidating  
Reasons for Reading the Document: To acquire assistance on how to use Google Slides
Way of Reading the Document:
Skim it

Study it

Read a portion of it

Which portion?

Modify it and submit it to another reader

Attempt to implement recommendations

Use it to perform a task or carry out a procedure

Use it to create another document



Reading Skill: He has the ability to reach the website and read the instructions given.

Reader’s Physical Environment: In an office, low pressure, and on a computer