DD2HW4 Analyze Example Instructions


The reader's expectation when arriving to this website is to set up iMovie and how to use iMovie to its full capacity. Only one set of instructions will suffice as the only people that will need it are the users of the application. On the other hand, I didn't see the set of instructions available in other languages. The design of the manual doesn't seem intimidating due to the fact that it looks plain. As soon as you arrive to the page, you can see a list of options that will help you with your needs. As you click through the options, there are images that do help further explain each step.


The reader's expectation when arriving to this website is to learn how to use Prezi to its fullest capabilities. I essentially feel the same way about this manual compared to iMovie. It doesn't have the option available to read the document in other languages. They used simple words and easy steps to guide the audience in successfully accomplishing the task. Along side some of the steps, you can find pictures of what the step looks like, which further helps you accomplish the step. I do find the manual a bit lengthy and that can intimidate the audience.


This manual/tutorial actually looks very similar to the one iMovie has. It does feel more clustered and overwhelming at a first glance. Like the others, it doesn't seem to have the option to be read in another language. I do realize there is a chance that if you are in another country and go to these website, it could be presented in another language, but there are people that speak a ton of language here in the United States and I am sure they would appreciate it if they could read it in a more familiar language to them. There are a ton of option to pick from and that can be intimidating.